Welcome to stilistics Sportainment

At Stilistics Sportainment, we believe sport and entertainment is more than just playing and having fun. It is a way of bringing people together t0 fulfil some of their basic lives’ needs and aspirations. We make this possible for people who love sport and for business entities which want to leverage on the power of sport.

Our mission is to use the power of sport and entertainment to help our clients build relationships with their clients, customers, employees and the community. This we do through activities that are tailored for their clients’ needs, thereby enhancing their objectives and competitive edge. We don't just stop there but we also go further by focusing on the business side of sport through our consultancy services.

Some of our services include provision of interactive games such as kick-point fun football which can be used at any event to achieve various objectives. We also provide consulting for various sporting needs. Furthermore, we bring businesses, communities and people together through organising and staging five-a-side football for leagues and tournaments.